The Miracle of the Ram Pump

Here is a story I am working on for Hopebuilding wiki:

Many people living in villages on the hillsides in the Philippines do not have easy access to fresh water, and have to make a difficult journey down steep slopes to collect what they require for their basic needs from springs, streams or rivers in the valleys. The Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation Inc (AIDFI) solves this problem by installing ram pumps to provide a good supply of water from the rivers to the hillside villages. The ram pumps use the power of the water flowing in the spring, stream or river to lift a small fraction of the water up to 200 metres vertically, and sometimes pump it over a kilometre to where it is needed. Government bodies, NGOs and development agencies pay for the installations, but local people are trained as technicians to maintain the pumps and the villagers pay for this maintenance themselves.

Ram pump technology has great potential for supplying water without the need for electricity or fossil fuels, but many installations have not been successful.  AIDFI has developed an award-winning, durable ram pump design, with cheap and locally-available options for the moving parts which need regular replacement. Over the past 10 years AIDFI has installed 98 pumps in 68 communities in the Philippines, and there are probably another 10,000 sites where the pumps could be used.

The first video is about installing ram pumps in the Philippines; the second is about an installation in Afghanistan. Both are from You Tube.