Celebrating International Women’s Day

I love the way this day is celebrated in Eastern Europe, when men bring flowers and small gifts to all the important women in their lives. I remember being invited to spend the evening of one IWD at a restaurant with a group of vibrant women from Uzice some two decades ago. It was a wonderful celebration.

Today, to mark the day, I wanted to highlight some of the stories about amazing women you can find on Hopebuilding:

The midwife who built a hospital and changed the world’ – Edna Adan Ismail, Somaliland.

Development done differently – the story of Senegal’s Tostan – Molly Melching, Senegal.

Working to make sure no mother gives birth in darkness… Laura Stachel, We Care Solar

This biologist is cleaning up the world’s most littered item – Lisa Chen, ‘Let’s Talk Butts Campaign’

We have enough food – hunger is a logistical problem – Jasmine Crowe, Goodr

Living lightly on the land: ‘barefoot social architecture’ for the 99% – Yasmeen Lari, Shelter for All

The life-changing surgery that gives women back their dignity and their health. Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia.

The Brave Women of Kruščica saved their river after 503-day blockade. Maida Bilal, Goldman Prize winner.

Educating girls and women vaults to the top of humanitarian agenda. CAMFED, Conrad M. Hilton Humanitarian Prize winner.

You won’t find this doughnut in any bakery….. Kate Raworth, the ‘Doughnut’

Women light the world. Barefoot Solar Engineers, India

Stuff discarded plastic bottles with garbage and you can build a school. Susanne Heisse, Pura Vida.