Honouring courageous changemakers

The 2023 Right Livelihood Laureates have faced off against social taboos around abortion in African countries, Cambodia’s authoritarian regime and corrupt businesses, a growing humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean Sea, and unsafe industrial practices in Kenya to demand a liveable future for all.

Since 1980, the Right Livelihood Award has honoured and supported courageous people solving global problems. It comes with long-term support to highlight and expand the Laureates’ work. To date, 194 Laureates from 76 countries have received the award. In 2023, 170 nominees from 68 countries were considered.

The 2023 Right Livelihood Award – sometimes known as the alternative Nobel – goes to:

Eunice Brookman-Amissah from Ghana “for pioneering discussions on women’s reproductive rights in Africa, paving the way for liberalised abortion laws and improved safe abortion access” (Honorary),

Mother Nature Cambodia “for their fearless and engaging activism to preserve Cambodia’s natural environment in the context of a highly restricted democratic space,”

SOS MEDITERRANEE “for its life-saving humanitarian search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea,” and

Phyllis Omido from Kenya “for her groundbreaking struggle to secure land and environmental rights for local communities while advancing the field of environmental law.”

“The 2023 Right Livelihood Laureates fight for people’s right to health, safety, a clean environment and democracy,” said Ole von Uexkull, Executive Director at Right Livelihood. “These Laureates take a stance to have a say in the affairs of their communities and those affected by harmful and corrupt policies. They care for their land and each human life connected to it: be it Indigenous communities or people risking their lives to get to safety.”

Right Livelihood is headquartered in Stockholm, with an office in Geneva. The Foundation has Consultative Status with the United Nations.

Cover image: SOS Mediterranee is one of the four 2023 Right Livelihood laureates.